6 thoughts on “Spy Shot of the only Type R inspired Mazda3 interior

  1. David Freitas Post author

    They actually clean up quite well and easily. Cut pile carpeting makes it easy.

  2. Troy K

    Very brignt, that’s for sure. Would flow better if there were seats with red down the centers or racing seats to match. If your going to go that radical might as well go all the way. Just a thought.

    Where is the blue ?? You know I had to ask.

  3. Mike K

    It’s a shame my wide-brimmed white hat keeps getting bumped off by the headrest because pimping my ride like that would require a wardrobe change!

    I think the shifter boot would need an upgrade too.

  4. David Freitas Post author

    hey Mike,

    I just finished upgrading the shift boot, parking brake boot & arm rest cover this week.

    I’ll have pics posted when its all done.

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