Tokyo Auto Salon: Mazda Roadster NR-A Jimba Ittai

There is no better way to end our coverage of the Mazda concept and special edition cars displayed at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon than with an MX-5 in which it’s name means “rider and horse as one.” 

That is the original philosophy behind the Miata’s development, the Mazda Roadster NR-A Jimba Ittai is meant to be an even purer incarnation of Mazda’s beloved sports car.  Painted in the Mazda race livery used in the four-hour endurance race for the media, this show car also gets 16-inch ENKEI alloy wheels, Bridgestone high-performance tires, Bilstein shocks, a lowered ride height, Endless-brand brake pads, a Takata race harness system, and many other racing-inspired goodies.  

Not sure if it will ever come to market, but its not hard to imagine a field of these making the laps at Laguna Seca.


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