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Mazda6 & Mazdaspeed6 owners survey

If you own either a Mazda6 or a Mazdaspeed6 and haven’t already visited Mazda6Carpet.com and registered, I urge you to do so. Especially if you are interested in maintaining your car to be as fresh as new.

Those who have own Mazda6’s & Mazdaspeed6’s and registered at Mazda6Carpet.com were sent a quick survey about their car. If you are an owner of a Mazda6 or Mazdaspeed6, but haven’t yet registered and would like to participate in our quick “1-minute” survey, you can do so below.

Thanks again for your participation.


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2010 Mazda3, Mazda6 & RX-8 carpet kits coming soon.

We have been receiving several emails and phone calls from people asking about producing a replacement carpet kit for the all new 2010 Mazda3’s (sedan, sport & Mazdaspeed3), RX-8’s and Mazda6’s & Mazdaspeed6 (2002 – 2008). We are now in the process of getting the preliminary work started to get these kits and we need your help.  If you or someone you know is the owner of a 2010 Mazda3, RX-8 or Mazda6 & Mazdaspeed6 who may be interested in such a kit we want to hear from you.  I ask that you send an email to sales (at) mazda3carpet.com with your car model in the subject line just to help us gauge interest.

When we develop these kits we need to test fit them on an actual vehicle.  So we are calling out owners of these vehicles who live close to the Toronto, Canada (or is willing to come down at your own expense) to help us with our prototype kits.

We would provide you with a prototype kit that would be professionally installed at our shop located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (10 minutes west of Toronto).  If this opportunity interests you, I ask that you email, sales (at) mazda3carpet.com and have Prototype Kit in the subject line

UPDATE: 2010 Mazda3 carpet kit info

Mazda 6 & Mazdaspeed6 carpet kit info here

RX-8 carpet kit info here


www.Mazda6carpet.com & www.RX8carpet.com

Mazda3carpet.com kits making the rounds at car shows in 2009


Owners of Mazda3 show cars have been popping up all over the country with Mazda3carpet.com molded carpet kits installed in their prized vehicles.

One such person is Troy from North Carolina and his 2004 Mazda3 sport:

“From the very moment I heard the buzz of a new carpet mold being made for the Mazda 3, I was beyond excited. The factory carpet is very thin and well let’s face it, was not meant to last forever.

For those that have daily drivers and put their cars through all sorts of weather conditions, you know all too well what happens over time.

This new carpet is easily 5 times better hands down.

Let me tell you, this is by far the best carpet I have ever felt.

The look, feel and texture are unmatched.  If you are thinking about replacing your interior carpet, this is the way to go. The prices are perfect and the quality is top of the line. Also Mazda3carpet prides themselves on customer service.

If you are thinking about replacing your carpet, now is the time.”

Troy K. 2004 Mazda 3 Show car

Click here to check out Troys Car Domain Page

troys door

Check out the Mazda3carpet.com decal on the door.


Mazda3carpet.com kit Revealed at local Mazda3 Club meet

torontomazda3-logo Wednesday, February 4, 2009 – Vaughn, Ontario, Canada. After a few months of planning and pre-production, the very first Mazda3carpet.com Molded Carpet kit was unveiled to a group of Mazda3 enthusiasts at a Tim Hortons just north or Toronto.

The kit itself a Premium grade called Ultra Lux which is reminiscent of the premium flooring material used in luxury marques such as Cadillac, Audi, Mercedes Benz, etc.

All Mazda3carpet.com Molded Carpet kits feature cut pile nylon strands which are much thicker, substantial and has superior durability to the factory issued carpeting. The premium grade Ultra Lux features 40% more strands of nylon per square inch than the standard kit and provides a more plush and durable flooring material than even our standard kit.

The reviews from club members were glowing:

  • “I can’t wait to get mine now!”, Dan F. (McGuyver_3) an automotive technician with a Toronto area BMW dealership and widely considered a Mazda3 customization/technical Guru by the large TorontoMazda3.ca community.
  • “That is so much thicker than what I have in my 3.”, Joe, Mazda3 owner and enthusiast.
  • Even others who didn’t own a Mazda3 were left with a positive impression, “Can you make that in blue for a Subaru STI?”
  • Whitespeed3 commented, “I saw this kit last night pretty impressive, looks like a very good OEM fitment, and very thick and looks like it will be pretty durable”

Launch Special to be Released Soon

The release date of the new carpet kits being made available for sale will be made available soon.  For furture information and our launch special, enter your name and email to the right of this post under Subscribe for more information and future offers


Before and after pictures

It has been a busy week for me with my long drive and installation of the carpet kit, my brothers 29th birthday and the Super Bowl (I’m rooting for the underdogs Arizona).  But here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment.
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Rear seat BEFORE

…and now the after shot with Ultra Lux (sorry I haven’t vaccumed my car since getting back)

Rear Seat - AFTER

Here is a shot of the Ultra Lux.  Its thick enough to pinch the fibers.  Compare that to OEM

Thick enough to pinch.  Compare that to OEM.