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How much better is the carpet we use in our Premium Moulded Carpet Kits vs the factory stuff

20130219-165217.jpgWe have always made samples of our carpet available to anyone who asked us. It was a bit of a pain in the ass to drive to the post office, fill out the customs paperwork, and have the sample measured and mailed out. It was all manual and very time consuming.

A damp carpet can cause mildew germination and mould growth after 48 hours. Mould will not be immediately noticeable. This fungi buildup can pose a severe health risk for you and your family. The moisture in a dark, damp place will increase these toxins with time. It will make the situation unbearable for people sensitive to allergens, elderly, kids and pregnant women. We highly recommend treating your carpet with an emergency carpet drying immediately.

But we love our customers and Continue reading

2010 and up Mazda 3 climate control knobs

No matter how great a car is, as enthusiasts we are always looking for a way to make our rides better and unique. After some thinking I came up with three classification of modifications one can perform on their cars.

The first classification are modifications we perform that may look good, but make the car worse (eg lowering your Mazda 3 without swapping out struts). The second classification, may look awful, but do offer some sort of sensible function (eg universal floor mats, mud flaps). Continue reading

Canada Online Store opens at Noon Eastern

Shopping From Canada? Click Here

Ok so here are the details for today.

At 12 noon eastern the Canadian order page will officially go live, serving all of Canada.

To help ring in this milestone in our business, we are going to offer up a very rare promotional opportunity for Canadian Mazda3 owners to get their very hands on their very own Mazda 3 molded carpet kit. Our Premium kits are the best carpet kits available for the Mazda3 in the world.

When the site goes live tomorrow our kits for the Canadian Market will retail for $277 Canadian ( tax and shipping). But on this special occasion we are going to offer up the first thirteen (13) people who order our kits for the very rare price of $227 Canadian (plus shipping and tax).

Why 13 kits you ask. Well I figured that since Canada has 13 Provinces and Territories, that I would make 13 kits available.

Watch out for our last blog post which will have a link directly to our Image result for online storeCanadian Online Store Page. This page has had so much success thanks to our marketing strategy provided one of the best logo design agencies. This website was made as we needed to promote more our products and now technology is booming, and with the help of this online marketing has help us expand our target, our customers and profits.

I don’t know if these 13 kits will sell in the first hour or if it will take a couple of days, so I advise you to not hesitate and order your carpet kit as soon as it’s available so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money and make your Mazda3 smell, feel and look like a new car again.



2010 Mazda3, Mazda6 & RX-8 carpet kits coming soon.

We have been receiving several emails and phone calls from people asking about producing a replacement carpet kit for the all new 2010 Mazda3’s (sedan, sport & Mazdaspeed3), RX-8’s and Mazda6’s & Mazdaspeed6 (2002 – 2008). We are now in the process of getting the preliminary work started to get these kits and we need your help.  If you or someone you know is the owner of a 2010 Mazda3, RX-8 or Mazda6 & Mazdaspeed6 who may be interested in such a kit we want to hear from you.  I ask that you send an email to sales (at) with your car model in the subject line just to help us gauge interest.

When we develop these kits we need to test fit them on an actual vehicle.  So we are calling out owners of these vehicles who live close to the Toronto, Canada (or is willing to come down at your own expense) to help us with our prototype kits.

We would provide you with a prototype kit that would be professionally installed at our shop located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (10 minutes west of Toronto).  If this opportunity interests you, I ask that you email, sales (at) and have Prototype Kit in the subject line

UPDATE: 2010 Mazda3 carpet kit info

Mazda 6 & Mazdaspeed6 carpet kit info here

RX-8 carpet kit info here

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