Canada Online Store opens at Noon Eastern

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Ok so here are the details for today.

At 12 noon eastern the Canadian order page will officially go live, serving all of Canada.

To help ring in this milestone in our business, we are going to offer up a very rare promotional opportunity for Canadian Mazda3 owners to get their very hands on their very own Mazda 3 molded carpet kit. Our Premium kits are the best carpet kits available for the Mazda3 in the world.

When the site goes live tomorrow our kits for the Canadian Market will retail for $277 Canadian ( tax and shipping). But on this special occasion we are going to offer up the first thirteen (13) people who order our kits for the very rare price of $227 Canadian (plus shipping and tax).

Why 13 kits you ask. Well I figured that since Canada has 13 Provinces and Territories, that I would make 13 kits available.

Watch out for our last blog post which will have a link directly to our Image result for online storeCanadian Online Store Page. This page has had so much success thanks to our marketing strategy provided one of the best logo design agencies. This website was made as we needed to promote more our products and now technology is booming, and with the help of this online marketing has help us expand our target, our customers and profits.

I don’t know if these 13 kits will sell in the first hour or if it will take a couple of days, so I advise you to not hesitate and order your carpet kit as soon as it’s available so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money and make your Mazda3 smell, feel and look like a new car again.



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