2010 Mazda3, Mazda6 & RX-8 carpet kits coming soon.

We have been receiving several emails and phone calls from people asking about producing a replacement carpet kit for the all new 2010 Mazda3’s (sedan, sport & Mazdaspeed3), RX-8’s and Mazda6’s & Mazdaspeed6 (2002 – 2008). We are now in the process of getting the preliminary work started to get these kits and we need your help.  If you or someone you know is the owner of a 2010 Mazda3, RX-8 or Mazda6 & Mazdaspeed6 who may be interested in such a kit we want to hear from you.  I ask that you send an email to sales (at) mazda3carpet.com with your car model in the subject line just to help us gauge interest.

When we develop these kits we need to test fit them on an actual vehicle.  So we are calling out owners of these vehicles who live close to the Toronto, Canada (or is willing to come down at your own expense) to help us with our prototype kits.

We would provide you with a prototype kit that would be professionally installed at our shop located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (10 minutes west of Toronto).  If this opportunity interests you, I ask that you email, sales (at) mazda3carpet.com and have Prototype Kit in the subject line

UPDATE: 2010 Mazda3 carpet kit info

Mazda 6 & Mazdaspeed6 carpet kit info here

RX-8 carpet kit info here


www.Mazda6carpet.com & www.RX8carpet.com

18 thoughts on “2010 Mazda3, Mazda6 & RX-8 carpet kits coming soon.

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  2. David Freitas Post author

    Thanks for commenting here on the blog and letting us know that you are interested in us developing a carpet kit for the 2010 Mazda3.

    We typically need 10 confirmed orders to get production rolling. Based on the conversations that we have had, it appears as though we are almost half way there. So it seems that if 5 more people put up there hands we will be good to go. At that point we will start the tooling creation.

    The price of the kit is going to be exactly the same as the 04-09 Mazda3 kits @ $247.00. However we are going to be announcing a pre-order special offer in the next week or 2 for 2010 Mazda3’s carpet kits. The pre-launch offer will be attractive in order to secure enough orders to get production started. So I would suggest subscribing to our RSS Feed of the blog to stay up to date on all news coming out.

    We knew early on that this product was going to happen so we have already located and have possession of a 2010 Mazda3 to create the appropriate tooling. We figure that we will get the appropriate number of orders with a few days of pre-sales and then tooling will only take 2 weeks and carpets will be shipped shortly thereafter.

    So let everyone with a 2010 Mazda3 know to come on to this blog posting and add a comment letting us know and to subscribe to the RSS feed or to our email list so that they can be notified of our 2010 Mazda3 developments.


  3. Derrick_B

    Will these come with a heel pad? I have only seen one picture of installed carpet from the 04-09 Mazda3 and it didn’t have the heel pad listed in the product description.


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  5. David Freitas Post author

    the first series of 04-09 Mazda3 kits had heel pads. But they didn’t quite look right and most people seemed to prefer to not have them on their kits so they were removed from the updated carpet kits. If you would like it on yours we can make it happen.

  6. Jason Goldsberry

    how hard is it to change out…and is this just the cabin area(i have a speed3) i assume this isnt the hatch area too?

  7. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Jason,
    You are correct, the kit is only for the cabin area and doesn’t include the hatch area.

    How hard is it depends on your comfort level with such a job. I tell people to expect about 3-5 hours to completely remove your interior, install your carpet (drink a few cold beverages) and reinstall your interior. Basically, be patient as it isn’t like installing a shifter knob. There will be a video available soon for 1st gen Mazda3’s which details the entire dis-assembly, installation of carpeting with helpful tips for a killer install. Even though it isn’t the exact same car, the tips and pointers are completely the same.

  8. Chris

    How easy is this material to clean ? Any advantages to OEM when vacuuming/spot cleaning stains ?

  9. David Freitas Post author

    The material is very easy to clean and vacuum unlike the oem carpet that was fitted in our Mazda3’s. The reason is that our kits are made of 100% nylon cut pile fibers which doesn’t trap dirt and stains like the factory carpet.

  10. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Stan, if you haven’t done so already, go to and fill out the form. We are just in the process of getting both Mazda6 and Mazdaspeed6 carpet kits launched this week. But I am going to be sending out an email to see if there are people who are ready to purchase this kit if it was made available.

    Go to put in your First Name and Email to get on our Pre-Launch Notification List.

  11. Christina Howell

    Please notify me as soon as the 2010 Mazda3 Hatchback carpet kits are available. We need it BAD!! thanks for your assistance.

  12. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Christina,

    The carpet kits for 2010 and up Mazda 3 will be available soon. I’ll let you know when we have it ready to go.


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