Want that New Car Look, Feel & Smell for Your Mazda3?

NOW AVAILABLE FOR 2004-09 and 2010-13 Mazda3 models!

As the proud owner of a Mazda3, you enjoy all the benefits of driving such a fun car. The crisp handling, responsive engine, aggressive exterior styling and the most attractive interior on any vehicle in its class. But perhaps within a couple years you were beginning to feel frustrated and embarrassed about the carpeting in your Mazda. Or perhaps:

  • the factory carpeting in your Mazda3 seen better days.
  • salt stains, sand and dirt forever stuck on your carpet.
  • you feel agitated when you vacuum your car and you see the carpet all worn out?
  • Embarrassed about that hole in the passenger side floor?
  • Irritated about how the carpet feels and looks like “felt glued on cardboard paper”?


What are your options?

Perhaps you have searched on Google for a remedy and found only the band aid fixes of car mats and hideous patches (not to mention other Mazda3 owners complaining about their carpets as well). Definitely not the best choices for a car that you like to keep clean and looking new.


How about replacing the entire carpet?

Replacing the entire front carpet would be the way to go. But replace it with what? How about a fresh factory replacement? I called a local Mazda Dealer’s parts department and the news I got was that I would be replacing my carpet with the exact same quality/product as I had my original carpet. Did I mention that the cost was almost $500 for just the carpet?


Custom made

I met with custom upholstery shops with hopes. They could make the entire carpet for the floor I was looking for at least $800. But in order to get the carpet to fit correctly over the transmission tunnel and other contours, they would have to make cut and sewn together carpet like the cars of the 40’s and 50’s. The drawbacks to Cut and Sewn carpets are the high cost, the look is not inline with a modern car and the stitching can come loose in time.


Here’s What We Got!

Mazda3carpet.com is offering a complete Carpet kit for your Mazda3. This carpet kit replaces the carpeting on the floor of the entire passenger area inside your Mazda3. Thats right from the firewall in the front of the car, all the way to under the rear seat of your car.

  • Cutpile Nylon, the most durable material used to manufacture carpeting.
  • Denser fiber weight for a more substantial look and feel.
  • Sound insulation is attached to underside of carpet.
  • Mold is constructed using an actual Mazda3.
  • Less expensive than custom made carpeting or the Mazda dealer’s cheap quality factory replacement.
  • we have kits that fit all 2004-2009 Sedan, Sport and Mazdaspeed3 models and 2010-2013 Sedan, sport and Mazdaspeed3 models.
  • Made in the USA to exceed OEM quality.
  • Can be installed with hand tools.


Here is What it Will Do For You

  • Get that new car smell again.
  • Restore your interior to look factory new.
  • Replace that semi-rigid OEM carpet with a soft, yet durable premium carpeting.
  • Your Mazda3’s interior will look and feel more luxurious.
  • Thicker carpet fiber reduces floor mats from sliding around.
  • Our mold is designed and constructed using actual Mazda3 vehicles.
  • Our maleable carpeting eliminates the design flaw of Mazda Original Equipment carpet that led to holes and tears, especially on the passenger side.
  • Manufactured in the US to higher standards than Mazda Original Equipment.
  • Available in both factory colors (Black and Beige) and Type-R Red.



What Are People Saying about Mazda3carpet.com Kits


“I have my carpet in and I’m 100% satisfied! Having real carpet really makes a difference in road noise and overall appearance…….Thanks for a great product Dave!”

– Philip K. Indianapolis, IN


“WOW. The quality of the carpet is flawless. Dave’s kit makes the oem stuff look and feel like paper. Great job Dave i look forward to seeing more of your products in the future.”

– Joe D, Mazda3 owner, TorontoMazda3.com member


“I saw this kit last night pretty impressive, looks like a very good OEM fitment, and very thick and looks like it will be pretty durable”

– Whitespeed3, Mazda3 owner, TorontoMazda3.com member


“The carpet was extremely thick! much more thicker than the stock carpet that the mazda 3 comes with. I really want to replace my old carpet with the Ultra Lux carpet!!!”

– Philip M., Mazda3 owner, TorontoMazda3.com member


“I must say, after taking a look and actually having a feel for what the Ultra Lux feels like, it’s simply impressive. I was amazed by how much more thick the carpet is as opposed to the OEM. You can literally ” pinch ” it. I would recommend the Ultra Lux to whoever is planning on getting it.”

– FONZ., Mazda3 owner, TorontoMazda3.com member


“Saw it last night and Wow thats a thick carpet….. its AMAZING”

– Sergio, Mazda3 owner, TorontoMazda3.com member


How much is this carpet kit?

The regular price for our Premium Mazda3 carpet kit is $247 USD + shipping ($38).


We believe that you will be so impressed with Mazda3carpet.com’s molded carpet kit that we have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Click here for details