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The Mazda 3 rust saga continues

I have written in previous posts about having your rust repaired under Mazda Canada extended rust coverage. Including what is covered and what is not covered by their coverage (just click on the category “corrosion warranty” for a list of posts).

My car was taken in by QEW Mazda and sent to their authorized collision center in Oakville, Ontario. After 2 weeks without a car (despite being told it would take 5 days to perform the repairs) and no rental provided by Mazda Canada I had my car returned without a properly fastened rear bumper and rust returning in the B-Pillar within 30 days of my car being returned to me.

I called the dealership about the rear bumper and the retiming rust and was told that I would have to wait until they had warranty labels issued to them by Mazda Canada.

This all took place in January 2011, today is July 23, 2011 and I have yet to hear back from QEW Mazda as to having the appropriate repairs performed on my car.

I will be sending an email to QEW Mazda asking for an explanation and will share the results of that.

Have you had any problems with rust repair with your Mazda 3?