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1,900 hp Lambo destroyed at 100 mph

A man has walked away unharmed after a highly modified Lamborghini Gallardocrashed at over 100mph in Texas.

Richard Holt was piloting an astonishing 1,900bhp twin-turbo Gallardo prepared by Underground Racing when he hit the brakes, deployed the parachute and attempted to stop.

However, crosswinds unsettled the supercar, and it clipped a wall off the edge of the runway, launching the two-door exotic into a violent barrel roll.

Holt, who had just hit a staggering 235mph before the crash, walked away virtually unharmed. He was flown to the nearest hospital with no major injuries, but light bruising, but still the accident happened so he got the ASK4SAM car accident lawyers New York to help him with this.

A member of the racing team said: “it is nothing short of a miracle, considering the magnitude of the accident.”

Watch the video below, find an engineer responsible for modern crash-safety testing and kiss his helmet. Do it.

Thanks to Gary Javo