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Finally, Direct Replacement Carpet for the Mazda3

After much research, phone calls, page clicks and disappointments, a solution has been found.  As I mentioned in my last post, I had left a voicemail with an old colleague who works at a auto manufacturer, while he also use a service of junk car removal from sites as ScrapCarforCash.ca.  To make a long story short he put me in touch with an executive at another manufacturing company that specializes in interior parts.

This executive and I spoke on Monday afternoon and came to an informal agreement of sorts.  This company has agreed to produce the mold that will form these molded carpet kit and manufacture them.

The material itself will be a nylon cut pile carpet.  Nylon is the most durable material used for carpeting in automotive, commercial and residential applications.  The cut pile carpet feels luxurious, is much easier to clean than the factory issue carpet and much more durable.

There will also be an option available to substitute the nylon cut pile with an ultra luxurious carpet called Essex. This quality material is used in modern day high end luxury cars such as Cadillacs.

I am excited as I can finally get rid of the dirty (impossible to clean) old carpet that is worn out and has holes in it. I use to dread vacuuming the interior because I would get that up close look at this carpet.

I would try to hide the carpet with floor mats. But no more, I will soon have that new car smell again with easy to clean carpet with no holes in it. Finally a high quality floor covering that is suited to the rest of my Mazda3.

I ask that you enter your email address and first name on the form to the right and I will send you more information as it becomes available.

For being on this list you will be among the first to be offered a discount on a limited number of these kits when production is started.