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OEM-aftermarket Touch Screen Head units for Mazda3 – Part 2

CarAdvanced.com Part 2

This video talks some more about features and as well as set-up of the unit.

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Forget the Lambo doors for your 3

You have your Mazda3 slammed, with your RX-8 wheels, eyelids, shark fin antenna and of course a Mazda3carpet.com kit.

How about some Lambo doors?  Every 300C and Honda Civic Coupe has that.  Try on this new mod…… disappearing doors.


Whole New Meaning to Semi-Automatic Mazda3

I was browsing through  www.Mazda3forums.com and came across a thread that some people may consider the most extreme modification ever seen on a Mazda3.  Click Here



Spy Shot of the only Type R inspired Mazda3 interior

Ok not quite a legit spy shot, but it is a photo shot of the protoype kit during installation.  Thought you guys would enjoy it.

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Where is Cousin Dave?…. Right here!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog and while I have been swamped with work I thought that it was about time that I post something here. There have been a few developments here at Mazda3carpet.com that I would like to share with you over the next couple of days. The first of them has to do with some product changes and new product announcement.

As some of you have likely heard or noticed that the Ultra Lux Kits are no longer listed in our product page. The reason was the inability for that super thick carpet in the Ultra Lux kit to stretch in to the tight corners/bends in the floor of the Mazda 3. Because of the high level of quality we are committed to delivering with all of our products we made the decision to discontinue the Ultra Lux carpet kits.

While the Ultra Lux is no longer available, our Premium Kits are available and can be found HERE. Our Premium kits are superior in quality and feel to the factory carpet supplied from Mazda.

The next bit of news is that we will be introducing some new kits for other Mazda vehicles as well as new color choices for the Mazda3. The first color to be introduced was inspired by the Type R carpets found on several special edition JDM cars in Japan.

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Talk to you soon,

Dave  a.k.a. Cousin Dave