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OEM-aftermarket Touch Screen Head units for Mazda3 – Part 2

CarAdvanced.com Part 2

This video talks some more about features and as well as set-up of the unit.

If you have any comments or recommendations I want to hear from you, share them below in our comments section.

OEM-aftermarket Touch Screen Head units for Mazda3 – Part 1

I have finally grown tired of the factory stereo in my 2005 Mazda 3 GT Sedan.  The 2 options that are available to consumers include an aftermarket double din Touch screen (such as Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, etc) that is a universal fit design which I would have to purchase the dash trim piece from Scosche  to complete the installation.   The second option (and one that I have to admit really liking) is the OEM-Aftermarket units.

These OEM-Aftermarket units are actually designed to look and operate like an OEM or factory unit.  They appear to fit like a glove and they look right at home in the dash of a Mazda3.  There are a couple of companies that produce these units and naturally they look different and operate differently from each other.  Not to mention different features and options.

Some of the options that I am wanting is of course DVD playback, radio, Navigation, Sirius Radio with onscreen control, bluetooth, onscreen ipod control.  If you have any suggestions for units that I should take a look at let me know and post it in the comments section below.

What I am going to be doing over the next few posts here on Mazda3carpet.com is share videos featuring these units and how they operate.  The first in our series here is the Touch Screen with Bluetooth & GPS from CarAdvanced.com

CarAdvanced.com Part 1

Dual Center Exhaust need feedback.

I have been toying with the idea of making my Mazda3 different than the norm without going all crazy and bizarre with my car.  What I want to do was to perform some mods that are clean, smooth, functional, beautiful and unique.

Some of you have read about the Type R red carpet kit that I have installed on my own car (I know, many of you have asked about making that kit available, I will soon But I am enjoying the novelty of being the only Mazda3 on the planet with the Red carpet) and I have added some other interior mods that are subtle but help to tie the whole package together.

But my next big project is creating a center exit exhaust for the first generation Mazda 3.   You can see from the quick sketch the rough idea that I have for making it happen.

I am fortunate for my ties to the automotive industry (in particular manufacturing) and have already started talking about getting this made for me.  I have already consulted my longtime friend Glenn @ Cam Tech Auto on the exhaust fabrication and it is a go from that perspective

But, I want to create either a carbon fiber or fiberglass rear valance section for the rear bumper to completely clean up the dual center exhaust tip installation.

What do you guys think?  Let me know, how would you do it differently?  If you have any sketches add links to your comments.