Part 2 – Removal of Interior ( seats, center console, etc.)

This is Part 2 of 2 videos showing how to remove the interior of your Mazda3 in preparation to install an aftermarket Premium Carpet kit in your Mazda3. This video features our JDM Red Carpet Kit.  

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Part 2 of 2

7 thoughts on “Part 2 – Removal of Interior ( seats, center console, etc.)

  1. Jimmy Haywood

    When will the other two videos (part 3 and 4) be put up. I just bought the carpet and want to watch the videos to see how to finish the job.

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  3. Michael

    I purchased this carpet kit and received it a couple of weeks ago. It was delivered rolled up in a box and needed to be laid out, so that it could reacquire it’s form. The carpet is nice and thick. Better than the factory one. Unfortunately, the car I purchased from a private party came without any carpeting. I did not have the old carpet to use as a template and the unavailability of an installation video (the website states coming soon) did not help matters. So, during the installation there were four cutting mistakes during installation and I had to piece together some splices in order to cover up the mistakes. I will have to sew together the splices and use touch up paint to hide the seams. Very unfortunate and I will not be recommending this product until installation instructions are provided or the carpet kit comes precut as the OEM’s do. Again, very nice product, but very poor instructions. There should be instructions or be precut to fit.

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