inexpensive Mazda 3 Stereo System rattle solution

If you have any kind of subwoofer setup for the stereo in your Mazda 3 you likely suffer with annoying buzzes and rattles from your rear deck behind the rear seats.  These two videos demonstrate an easy and inexpensive solution to your problem:  Carpet under padding from Home Depot sandwiched between the plastic deck and steel structure.  While in this video he uses the inexpensive variety, I would recommend upgrading to the Eco-Foam that Home Depot carries as it is moisture resistant.

Part 1

Part 2

2 thoughts on “inexpensive Mazda 3 Stereo System rattle solution

  1. David Freitas Post author

    True about the power of your subwoofer negating effects of trunk rattle management.

    But with some careful listening one can isolate what section of their car is the cause of the rattle and then focus their efforts on dampening those areas.

    Great comment.


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