Mazda3 HVAC knobs

2004-2009 Mazda3

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2010 – 2013 Mazda3

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30 Second Install Video

(note installation shown on 2005-2009 Mazda3 & Mazdaspeed3.  2010 and up Mazda3 and Mazdaspeed3 installation is the same as the video below)



22 thoughts on “Mazda3 HVAC knobs

  1. Niaz Ahmed

    Hi Dave,
    how are you, hope doing well.

    My name is Ahmed, i from Dubai, just i saw your video on you tube and visit to your website.I do also have mazda 3 (model: 2006). Those Knobs are awesome i really want it and feel crazy to order it. Just let me know with in how many days you guys deliver.
    Aluminum Mazda3 HVAC knobs (fits 2004-2009)

    kind Regards,
    Email: niazag@*********.com

  2. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Ahmed,

    I’m doing great and thanks for asking. Hows it going in the UAE?

    International shipping takes about 3 weeks. And yes, we have free shipping to Dubai.

    These HVAC knobs/ dials are a very popular and easy modification.


  3. Ahmed

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your reply and thanks for asking everything is fine and well in UAE.

    Tell me howz everything in your work?

    So when can I order those knobs for mine M3. Is it available out there in stocks?

    I really like those knobs for M3 as have not seen before any were in UAE.

    Its really dificult to find any accessories of M3 in UAE. It takes me so long to modify my M3.

    I just bought mine M3 (sedan) as basic option and then with the help of modification i just change everything into full option eg: sunroof and etc.

    I really like cars modification. I spend a lot for modification. Soon i will send you some pics of mine M3 (sedan), as never seen before.



  4. Hashir


    I was wondering, we do get three knobs in the $37 right? as in, its not $37/each??


  5. Sam

    Hey there. I just sent an email and then seen the comment section. Sorry about that.

    Just wondering if your heat knobs will fit the 2012 Mazda 3 sky.

    Also, do they light up at night?

    What material is used to make them? Aluminum and plastic? Metal and
    plastic? Or is it all plastic and painted silver?

  6. lou c

    Quick question. Just wondering what the usual wait is for shipping inside the US.


  7. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Sam,

    The knobs will fit your 2012 Mazda3 skyactiv. They are made of aluminum. The black center is plastic and yes there is a ring between the center and outside that lights up at night. It lights up similar to the knobs for the 04-09 Mazda 3 seen on the video.


  8. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Lou, The knobs ship via Canada Post and USPS, so it may take approximately 4-8 days.

  9. Clint Nicholson

    I ordered these HVAC knobs just a few days ago. The customer service is absolutely fantastic. I got it delivered in 2 days at my door!! The knobs look and feel great. I am very happy with this investment and I will continue to refer this site to anyone who is looking for this kind of product for their three.
    Also got a little sample of the carpet material that this site has.

    Thanks so much, its good to have a business put so much care in their customer service.

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  11. Joey

    Hey, How are you doing. I was just wondering if your knobs will fit the 2013 Mazda 3- 4 door. I just bought knobs on some terrible website and when i tried to put them on, they wouldn’t turn at all!!! Please help!!!

  12. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Joey, if your car isn’t equipped with auto-climate control, then the 2010 and up knobs will fit your 2013 Mazda3.

  13. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Rob, unfortunately I don’t. But they do light up like the knobs for the 2004-2009 knobs.

  14. David Freitas Post author

    We ship the knobs from the Toronto area. So Canadian orders take about 3-7 business days via Canada Post, depending on where in Canada you live.

    The USA is supposed to take 10 business days, but we have had some orders that have taken weeks because of delays by customs and US Postal Service.

  15. janette Hilton

    Hi David,
    my Mazda3 has only two knobs that seem to be stripped. Have you heard of this issue and is there a way to fix it?

  16. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Janette, I actually haven’t heard of anything like that on the Mazda 3. For me to help you I have a few questions I need you to answer:

    1) what year is your Mazda 3?
    2) which two knobs are stripped? (Eg. the temperature control, fan speed or vent control).
    3) is it the knobs or the actual metal shaft that comes out of the heater control panel that is stripped?
    4) the two knobs that are stripped, were you finding it difficult to turn them prior to them becoming stripped?

    Look forward to hearing back from you.

  17. Chris

    Hey I live in Toronto.

    I wanted to know how long it will take to deliver or if you have a location i can pick up at?

  18. David Freitas Post author

    Unfortunately there is no local pick up available. But delivery would take about 3 business days to Toronto.

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