OEM-aftermarket Touch Screen Head units for Mazda3 – Part 3

CarAdvanced.com Part 3 – Finean GPS demo

In this video a demo of the Finean GPS maps system.  However the CarAdvanced.com GPS System is Wince, with compatibility with many of the popular maps available, such as: iGO, Route66, Tomtom, Finean, Navteq, N-Drive, Sygic, Papago, Careland etc.

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4 thoughts on “OEM-aftermarket Touch Screen Head units for Mazda3 – Part 3

  1. David Freitas Post author

    There is no indash 6 disc changer, but it seems to support adding a 6 cd changer from different manufacturers.

  2. Kris

    In the GT trim level, the aux input as well as a second power outlet is in a compartment under the armrest. Will those still be functional after installation?

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