2012 Tokyo Auto Salon: Mazda Roadster Black Tuned.

I have always had a weird half-assed appreciation with the MX-5.  Kind of like that girl you secretly liked in school, but you wouldn’t let your friends know about it.

Well the Miata and I have had that kind of relationship for about 20 years.  Not even reading about the Monster Miata conversions back in the mid 90’s has convinced me to go out and declare that I would want to own one.  However with the Black Tuned Roadster, Mazda has almost got me won over.

Known to us as the MX-5 Miata, the Mazda Roadster was shown in Tokyo in its BLACK TUNED trim, featuring a range of track-oriented goodies.  Among those special performance pieces are lightweight BBS alloy wheels, Bilstein height-adjustable shocks, Brembo brakes, and Recaro seats.

Not as visually aggressive looking as the MX-5, that Mazda showcased at SEMA in 2011, the Roadster Black Tuned does appear to be ready-packaged for sale.  Now if Mazda would make that front end look more appealing to men, with a turbo rotary.  Then I might be ready to tell my friends about my secret crush.

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