kit Revealed at local Mazda3 Club meet

torontomazda3-logo Wednesday, February 4, 2009 – Vaughn, Ontario, Canada. After a few months of planning and pre-production, the very first Molded Carpet kit was unveiled to a group of Mazda3 enthusiasts at a Tim Hortons just north or Toronto.

The kit itself a Premium grade called Ultra Lux which is reminiscent of the premium flooring material used in luxury marques such as Cadillac, Audi, Mercedes Benz, etc.

All Molded Carpet kits feature cut pile nylon strands which are much thicker, substantial and has superior durability to the factory issued carpeting. The premium grade Ultra Lux features 40% more strands of nylon per square inch than the standard kit and provides a more plush and durable flooring material than even our standard kit.

The reviews from club members were glowing:

  • “I can’t wait to get mine now!”, Dan F. (McGuyver_3) an automotive technician with a Toronto area BMW dealership and widely considered a Mazda3 customization/technical Guru by the large community.
  • “That is so much thicker than what I have in my 3.”, Joe, Mazda3 owner and enthusiast.
  • Even others who didn’t own a Mazda3 were left with a positive impression, “Can you make that in blue for a Subaru STI?”
  • Whitespeed3 commented, “I saw this kit last night pretty impressive, looks like a very good OEM fitment, and very thick and looks like it will be pretty durable”

Launch Special to be Released Soon

The release date of the new carpet kits being made available for sale will be made available soon.  For furture information and our launch special, enter your name and email to the right of this post under Subscribe for more information and future offers


9 thoughts on “ kit Revealed at local Mazda3 Club meet

  1. Joe d

    WOW. The quality of the carpet is flawless. Dave’s kit makes the oem stuff look and feel like paper.
    Great job Dave i look forward to seeing more of your products in the future.


  2. Phillip M.

    The carpet was extremely thick! much more thicker than the stock carpet that the mazda 3 comes with. I really want to replace my old carpet with the Ultra Lux carpet!!!

  3. FONZ

    I must say, after taking a look and actually having a feel for what the Ultra Lux feels like, it’s simply impressive. I was amazed by how much more thick the carpet is as opposed to the OEM. You can literally ” pinch ” it. I would recommend the Ultra Lux to whoever is planning on getting it.

    – FONZ.

  4. Hank

    Sounds like a great upgrade. Anyone know if Dave can make the carpet in non-Mazda colors? I’d like to do mine in grey.


  5. David Freitas Post author

    There are a couple of people I can refer you to in the Toronto area. One is Cam Tech Auto in Mississauga (right off the 401) and can be reached at 905-814-5490, ask for Glenn.

  6. Richard Needles

    Dave, as per an earlier post I am interested in the Ultra Lux but do NOT want anymore black carpet in my Mazda 3. Dark grey or charcoal is about all the dark I can stand and my wife will never buy another car with a black carpet and interior. What’s the word on other colors? I think, in fact I know I called your company last year and was sent some samples of other colors. Email me on color availability in the standard and ultra carpets………thanks.
    Rich Needles

  7. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Richard, Ultra Lux has been discontinued. Custom colors are available, just email sales (at) with your preferred color(s) and we can send you samples. There is a small additional fee for custom colors, which vary depending on color.

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