What is Not Covered by Mazda’s Extended Corrosion Protection Warranty

This piece of window trim is an example of what is not covered. Click on image to enlarge

In the past few posts that Mazda in North America has implemented.  The experiences written are based on my experiences with Mazda Canada.  So details may be different in the US as well as other countries.  For details on finding some of the rust typically found on the Mazda 3 that is covered, go to this Post.

While getting the paperwork completed and photos taken of my car, I was able to get a few details on what is covered and not covered.  The estimator at the body shop shed some light on the criteria used to determine what is covered and what isn’t to me.  Basically, if the rust is located on a body part that is part of the unibody structure it is covered.  The best reasoning I can come up with this criteria is that remaining body parts left out could have become rusted due to road debris or chipped paint from a door ding in a parking lot.  Examples of this include:

  • The roof.
  • A, B & C Pillars – The vertical panels that surround the greenhouse (passenger compartment of the car).
  • Rear fenders (quarter panels).
  • Rocker Panels – The rounded sheet metal that runs from between the wheel wells, under the doors.  On the GT models, they are covered by plastic side skirts.
  • Rear Trunk Lid – not sure why exactly as it isn’t part of the structure of the car, but it is.

Example of what is not covered by this warranty include:

  • Hood
  • doors
  • front fenders

This article is not a complete or comprehensive list of what is covered or not covered by Mazda.  My advice to people reading this is to visit some Mazda3 forums and read what other owners in your area are doing and what worked for them before going to your local dealer.  These forums are full of great advice & insights from caring Mazda3 owners around the globe.

Two of the most active forum sites in North America you can visit are:

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