Mazda Demio (Mazda2) Smart Stylish

Over the next couple of weeks I will be showcasing some of the concept models Mazda introduced at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon.  On Monday we spoke about the custom Mazda CX-5 and had a gallery of photos.  Today we will talk about a pair of Mazda Demio, known as the Mazda2 in North America.

Actually, scrap that idea.  After viewing both Demios I only really want to talk about the Smart Stylish version as the other one that is red kind of looked weak.  So, I am only going to talk about the Demio (Mazda2) Smart Stylish as it is the only one of the two concepts that I would drive myself despite the dumb sounding name.

Seriously, what do you tell your friends?  ” I drive a Mazda2 Smart Stylish”, I would suffer a lifetime of humiliation.  Mazda should rename it the Mazda Demio SS?  No, shades of Camaro’s and Chevelle’s.  Perhaps the Mazda Demio S or something like that.  If you have  a better name please share it in the comments.

The Demio Smart Stylish (ugh), gets a more aggressive styling treatment with its lowered ride height and custom aero parts, including a unique front valance, side skirts, and rear diffuser.  The BBS wheels are a sweet touch.

Judging by the sticker on the windshield, it looks like this aggressive version of the Mazda2 (Demio) is coming to market.  My fingers are crossed that this car makes its way across the ocean to North America, but with a more palatable name.

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