PART 1: Mazda Canada Quietly Pulls Back on Rusted Mazda3 claims

The rust problem with the first generation Mazda 3 produced from model year 2004 – 2009, that has been widely written about in forums and blogs across the internet has taken an underhanded turn.

Mazda Canada had extended their 5 year, unlimited mileage corrosion warranty another year to 6 years, due to the amount of Mazda 3 and other Mazda owners complaining about their rusting rides. Well a source close to us, informed me today that if you are in Canada and have a Mazda with rust issues on your car to call you dealer immediately.

The urgency stems from news that Mazda Canada has quietly decided to reduce the amount of money that they pay to dealers to cover repair costs from $1500 to $500 only. This reduction in coverage takes effect on November 1, 2010.

This means the owners of Mazda vehicles may potentially be left holding the majority of the tab to repair their rusting vehicles.

So what can you do about it? Well, here is what I have learned:

1. Call your local dealer service department with your VIN number in hand. They will verify that your vehicle is covered under the 6 year corrosion warranty. They do this while your on the phone.

2. Once confirmed that your vehicle qualifies, your dealer will typically arrange for you to come in to take pictures and get the claim done.

3. When Mazda Canada approves the claim, arrangements are then made for your vehicle to be brought in for repair.

There are a few things that I am unclear of yet: Not sure if a rental or courtesy car is provided while they work on your car. I am also not sure if the claim has to be made before November 1, 2010 or the repairs have to be done by that date.

I am currently awaiting word from my local dealer in Mississauga to find out if my car qualifies and have been waiting for a call for 2 days from their Service Manager despite multiple phone calls and voice mails left.

If you live in the United States or any other country that sells the Mazda let us know how it is being handled in your country by posting a comment below.
I will post more information as it becomes available to me right here on the blog.

If you are looking for more information on the areas that typically rust on Mazda3’s check out: Click Here

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