Hypertech is looking for a Mazdaspeed3

Hypertech (www.Hypertech.com) is looking for a 2009 Mazdaspeed3 in the Southern California area for EPA testing.  They will give the owner of the vehicle $1,000.00 to use their car to get CARB Certification.

The 2009 Mazdaspeed3 must have be from Test Group 9TKXV02.3NB1 (this is the information that is found on the Label under the Hood) .

If you own such a car and want to pick up an extra $1,000.00 contact  Hypertech at sales@hypertech.com or call 901-382-8888.

2 thoughts on “Hypertech is looking for a Mazdaspeed3

  1. harold gordon

    well guys im not in cali..but my 2009 mazdaspeed 3 gets 30+mpg and is very close to 300 H.P. and passes state emissions.im pretty close to getting 400 miles out of 13.5 gallons!!what do you think?(member of the nvmc-northern virginia mazdaclub )and this is without touching the factory computer!!

  2. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Harold sounds impressive to me. Send me some pics and the story behind you, your car and mods and we will feature your car on the blog.

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