Driving 18 hours through a winter storm; New carpet gets made; Further updates

The past 34 hours have been a test of endurance with a combination of hard work, frustration and joy.  After a 9 hour trip to the manufacturer we had finally arrived and met with the great people who work there.   We got down to business and stripped the interior down, created the first carpet kit (an Ultra Lux) and installed it in my personal Mazda3.

First impression:  Amazing, a big jump from the stock carpeting.

I would have had a post with pics up sooner, but my brother and I got caught in that big winter storm the just killed the mid-west.  Driving through that much snow and ice in a lowered Mazda3 (even though it has winter tires) just wasn’t easy.  The drive back was nearly 18 hours, which included several stops for Red Bull, Tim Hortons coffee (can’t believe they don’t take CDN money at a Timmy’s in Michigan..ugh) and a few quick naps along the way.  White knuckles the whole way.

I will have pictures of the new carpet up later on tonight.  In the mean time, here is a couple of videos showcasing the mold being used to create the kits (take note to Mazda’s new North American name on one of the molds..hehe)


Part 1



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