Cut and sewn carpet for Mazda3

Ok, in the past couple of weeks I have looked into several options for replacing the molded carpet in my Mazda3 and maintained record of it on this blog.

I spoke to a Mazda dealer but a better quality option was not available.  The replacement carpet they do have wears out just a quickly as the original as per many of the forum posts I have read.

Google was excercised to to exhaustion in search for a replacement molded carpet kit from the aftermarket.  But none existed, as they stated not enough demand existed.

My next option was to seek out an automotive upholstery shop for a custom carpet.  This option had a lot of promise.  It was available and the carpet was of better quality than that supplied by Mazda.

The drawbacks: expensive, between $800 to $1,100.

Cut and sewn to fit.  Which means the carpet is not molded like an oem carpet.  But rather pieces are cut and sewn together to allow for contours on the floor.  Contours such as the transmission tunnel, seat mounting stampings, etc.

The drawback here is visible stitching which is also reminiscent of old hot rod interiors.  Not really an up to date look.  My concern is also that the stitching is a weak point that can come undone in time.  This has 2 of the 3 qualities I am looking for; better quality and easy to clean.  But the price is too high for me.

While I was researching this option, I decided to place a call to some former colleagues at an auto manufacturer and see what options that they could come up with.  Left a voicemail.  I’ll update this when I get more news.


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