8 thoughts on “Custom HVAC knob installation

  1. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Justin, keep an eye out on our site. We are in the process of having them manufactured and should have them in the upcoming weeks available.

  2. Ahmed

    Hi Dave,
    I have m3 2006, I live in dubai so tell me when can i order the knobs for my m3 and how much it cost in UA.E currency and also with in how many days you deliver it. Anyways great job dave it really awesum.

    Mob:+97150 **********

  3. David Freitas Post author

    Hi Ahmed, the delivery would take about 3 weeks and conversion would be about 174 AED.


  4. AHMED

    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for information and probably i am ready for placing the order to you.

    What are the requirements for placing the order for those knobs?

    Warm regards,


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