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How much better is the carpet we use in our Premium Moulded Carpet Kits vs the factory stuff

20130219-165217.jpgWe have always made samples of our carpet available to anyone who asked us. It was a bit of a pain in the ass to drive to the post office, fill out the customs paperwork, and have the sample measured and mailed out. It was all manual and very time consuming.

A damp carpet can cause mildew germination and mould growth after 48 hours. Mould will not be immediately noticeable. This fungi buildup can pose a severe health risk for you and your family. The moisture in a dark, damp place will increase these toxins with time. It will make the situation unbearable for people sensitive to allergens, elderly, kids and pregnant women. We highly recommend treating your carpet with an emergency carpet drying immediately.

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Tokyo Auto Salon: Mazda Roadster NR-A Jimba Ittai

There is no better way to end our coverage of the Mazda concept and special edition cars displayed at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon than with an MX-5 in which it’s name means “rider and horse as one.” 
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2012 Tokyo Auto Salon: Mazda Roadster Black Tuned.

I have always had a weird half-assed appreciation with the MX-5.  Kind of like that girl you secretly liked in school, but you wouldn’t let your friends know about it.

Well the Miata and I have had that kind of relationship for about 20 years.  Not even reading about the Monster Miata conversions back in the mid 90’s has convinced me to go out and declare that I would want to own one.  However with the Black Tuned Roadster, Mazda has almost got me won over.
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Special Edition MX-5 Announced for 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Looking very similar the Black Edition MX-5 Mazda displayed at this years Tokyo Auto Salon.  Mazda USA, has gone ahead and produced a special edition MX-5 Miata of their own to premiere at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.
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