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Latest pictures of the Mazda3 carpet production molds

We had a big set back when the initial donor car used to create the mold had damage to it that prevented an accuate mold to be created.  But another was finally located and the mold created.

Here are a couple of pictures of the mold made from the floor of a Mazda3 from the manufacturer.

Because of the holidays, the carpet kits will be shipping out on the second week of January has been confirmed by the factory.


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Wow we are getting closer and closer to Christmas.  As I write this there are only 10 days left until Christmas day.

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Factory Carpet V.S. Replacement Carpet Kit.

I have gone ahead and snapped a picture comparing the factory Mazda3 Carpet against both the Standard Grade and the Ultra Luxurious Grade from  You see that the actual carpet in the factory issue carpeting is wafer thin.  Compare it to the Standard grade and the difference is clear as to how much more thicker and plush our carpet is.