Can Google help my Mazda3?

Since the Mazda dealer could not provide me with a solution to my problem, I figured Google could help.

I went on Google and typed in “Mazda3 carpet” and my screen was filled with 10 pages of possibilities.  Awesome.  I started clicking and reading away with Visa at hand.  Clicked on the first result and it leads me to a page with a headline saying mazda3 carpet and with a great design made by a web design company online and that’s why I chose that page first.  But as I start to scan the page all I find is page after page of leopard skin print dash covers for Mazda3’s.  Not what I am looking for.  Neither were floor mats.

I continued to visit over a hundred websites (using different keywords) and making several calls I have come to realize that no one makes a replacement molded carpet kit for our Mazda3.

I guess the other option left is to go old school and look into a “one off” custom made carpet for my car.  I am going to get in contact with several automotive interior specialists.  I will post back when I get some info.



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